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About Radmehr

With more than 50 years of experience in import, installation and after–sales service, Radmehr industrial & Trade Co. provides  all kinds of conveyor belts, transmission belts, wire screens, airslide fabrics, rollers , industrial chains, ground and overhead conveyor systems and all kinds of splicing and jointings.



Nowadays, after–sale, service is one of the main factors in assuring the customers of their purchase. Since providing on time service to the customers is a prerequisite for avoiding any down time in the production process , this company is equipped with all required tools and know – hows. Our services :

1-    Cold and hot splice.

2-    Steel  fasteners.

3-    Cleat installation (for elevator conveyors).

4-    Splicing all kinds of V guides for ceramic & tile industries, and cardboard Cartoon production lines.

5-    Installation of sidewalls and corrugated seperators.

6-    Splicing up to 3600 mm.

Our goals          

Since the industrial revolution , automation and automatic production was one of the main goals of human being and it lead to fast and precise production and decrease in labor force and then improving the quality and output.

Due to daily progress in technology of today's industrial world , cooperation with advanced industries and transfer of such technology to the customers is a must.because of this, we feel our responsibility to establish good relation with all industries and transfer modern technology To our customers.

Although there has been lots of developments in technology in recent years, we pay great attention to modernism and improvement.