Other Department



IT Department :

Radmehr Co. has an IT and official automation system . The main reason for creating such a

system is to provide following services :

Planning and management of a sales system in order to monitor the market and customers ,

sending information to the customers with different file extensions like JPG , TIF , etc. , sending

technical data sheets and movies , sending drawings of components and production lines in

AutoCAD and other formats .

This will help  for better communication between Radmehr and Technical people of the factories in

transferring technical data sheets .


Technical Operators

Technical Operators :

Radmehr has many well-trained and skilled technical operators in the field of Material Handling

Systems and conveyor belt maintenance and repair . These people have been trained in the

companies of our 12 suppliers .

Fortunately , they have high potentials and capabilities in installation and fabrication of

conveyor belt systems and these abilities have been approved by technical managers of our

suppliers through issue of specialized and training certificates . 


Technical group


Technical group :

Radmehr Trade Co. is equipped with technical teams who are professional in maintenance and repair

of Material Handling Systems and Conveyor Belts . Our technical people have passed technical training

courses in France , Germany , Spain , UK and Taiwan . With the certificates and licenses that they have

been granted , our technical group is equipped with the modern technology in this field .

Our group has a long experience and numerous references in Cement , Steel  , Petrochemical and coke mine

industries .

Surely with these experiences and  passing many technical training courses , our technical team has high

potential in resolving the problems of material handling systems  and conveyor belts . With the help of

God , our company under the management of RTA holding has been able to resolve the problems of

many conveyor lines in super-heavy and heavy industries in Iran and has a very successful background

with related references in this field .   





Radmehr also has talented training teams who can hold training sessions to offer manuals and instructions .

These training courses are hold in two theoretical and practical forms and 

can lead to transfer of modern technologies to the industries and plants .

This will help the manufacturers to resolve their probable technical problems .

These training courses are according to the principles of Radmehr for offering the best services to the customers .