Sale Department

The Experiences


 The experience

  Radmehr company has 30 years of experience in sales , import , fabrication and assembly of all types of

  conveyor belts and material handling systems . To monitor and perform all these activities , we

  established our shop and workshop on the year 1984 . Also we have our R&D department under the

  control of Radmehr Trade Co. and RTI group in order to maintain constant growth. Also we have

  developed  modern sales and marketing method based on the framework of advanced management

  systems in order to control the market and gain satisfaction of our end users .



Radmehr or any other company with any pre-determined goal and structure  has some abilities .

 These potential capabilities are planed in  a way to provide the best official , commercial , sales and training services from A to Z.

 Without these abilities any company will fail to fulfill it`s plans and achieve  it`s goals .

Any member of Radmehr group has been equipped with these capabilities and can offer the best technical and commercial services to the customers.

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