Wowen Air slide

Wowen Air slide Company

Air slide fabric is a belt fabric mainly used for pneumatic transmission of cement, bauxite, carbon black, gypsum, flour, etc, as well as equipped to fluid bed and powder mixing tank, which with a special and controllable air permeability can help to improve the convey efficiency and also guarantee the mixed powders uniformity.


FLUITEX® fabrics improve profitability and optimise the production process in cement works. For silo discharge FLUITEX® supports the "First in - First out" principle and ensures even distribution of the bulk goods, as well as smooth mass flow; dead zones, demixing and hole formation are successfully avoided. FLUITEX® also provides even distribution of the bulk goods and a smooth and efficient mass flow.


Air slides are the best energetic means of transporting bulk powder goods. Air slides are used in raw mix and cement refining, storage and mixing. FLUITEX® supports smooth mass flow in air slides through even air permeability across the whole surface and a high wear resistance and, thus, a long service life.






1.clear veins, smooth surface, stable size.
2.equal air permeability, the tolerance of air resistance is within ±10%.
3.high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, little hygroscopicity, corrosion resistance, lower adhesive capacity, never delamination, longer service life.
4.smooth surface, won't leak dust, green products.
5.the products applicable to convey the particle which the diameter <4mm, the temperature <700 C, the moisture content <2%.