PVC & PU Company

PVC and PU flexible lacing developed by Minet MLT, is vulcanized inside the PVC or PU belt (using a vulcanizing PVC press). Available in various colours, theses splices are perfect to join either PVC or PU belts.
Technical data
Top side PVC PU PU / textile
Bottom side

PVC or textile

PU or textile


Belt thichness, mm
1.4 - 6.7 1.4 - 3.7 1.8 - 2.2
Max. belt tension, N/mm
8 - 20 8 - 12 8
Minimum pulley Ø ,en mm
50 - 250 50 - 80 50



  • Flexible lacing
  • No extra thickness
  • Leak proof
  • Easy to clean the system by removing the pin for access
  • Durable
  • Like an endless belt
  • Available in white FDA/USDA
  • Can be used on rough top belts
  • No metal pins, excellent for metal detector belt
  • Various colours and types available


For light duty belts:


Removable splice without any metal piece and with approximately the same color and thickness as the belt.


Without a rotating axle.


High working tension.


No problem with metal detectors.


Polyurethan or PVC fabric reinforced and two polyacetal pins.

PVC in white, black, grey, green or blue or on request.

PU in White FDA 177 2600, green or blue or on request.