Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt HYC

KING brand conveyor belt provides different abrasion of compounds to meet different abrasion requirement in order to increase the conveying efficiency .

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt HYC

The heat resistant conveyor belt is designed with high temperature resistant compound to convey heat materials

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt HYC

For all transportation process or materials containing oil including machine oil, heavy oil, mineral oil, or animal and vegetable oil, such as the grain, the mineral, the environmental protection recovery plant, the extract of petroleum, production line for oil material, or any environment need to prevent from the rubber deterioration by the oil .

Pipe Conveyor Belt

Pipe Conveyor Belt HYC

Pipe conveyor belt is made with special carcass, combined with high properties of compound, suitable for handling powder and granular materials which pollute the environment easily.


Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Rough Top Conveyor Belt HYC

the surface texture resists the tendency for the material to roll back down the conveyor.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt HYC

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Features: high tensile strength, low extensibility, small used transmission pulley diameter, uniform steel wire rope tension, excellent troughbility and good adhesive between rubber and steel wire.