Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Company

The heat resistant conveyor belt is designed with high temperature resistant compound to convey heat materials,Its excellent heat resistant makes the belt remain good rubber properties and retardant aging under heat transportation and severe condition hence the product service life is increased.

Use when handling materials temperature exceeds 70°C (160°F)

  • Iron and steel plant
  • Metallurgy plant
  • Cement plant
  • Casting plant
  • Fertilizer plant
  • High temperature environment


Rubber gradeAbrasionMaterial temperatureInstant temperatureRemarks
HR412 Ordinary ≦120°c (250°F) 140°c (290°F) If using SW or Kevlar fabric as the carcass instead of regular fabric, it can increase the adhesion strength of the carcass and reduce the possiblity of fabric plies delamination due to high temperature Kevlar fabric can prevent from carcass being penetrated efficiently due to instant excessive high temperature(>300°c / 570°F).
HR423 Ordinary ≦200°c (400°F) 250°c (490°F)
HR425 Super abtasive ≦200°c (400°F) 300°c (570°F)
HR430 Ordinary ≦250°c (490°F) 500°c (930°F)