Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Company

For all transportation process or materials containing oil including machine oil, heavy oil, mineral oil, or animal and vegetable oil, such as the grain, the mineral, the environmental protection recovery plant, the extract of petroleum, production line for oil material, or any environment need to prevent from the rubber deterioration by the oil .

Selection of oil resistant belt

  • Type of oil
  • Volume and ingredients of oil
  • Temperature
    Sufficient information provided can help to choose right belt grade hence to increase performance and service life.

Oil test comparison

Type of rubberTest timeNormal rubberModerate oil resistantMiddle oil resistantFull oil resistantComplex oil resistant
KING typeNormalOR315OR350OR300OHR/FOER
Volume Change(%) 24Hr +25% +24% +11% -5% -5%
96Hr +70% +43% +29% -8% -8%
168Hr +90% +60% +41% -8% -9%
Condition Test oil: No.3 Test temperature:70°C



RubberWorking temperatureTypes of oil resistant
OR315 -25°C ~ 60°C wood oil, frozen food oil, and coal oil, etc.
OR350 -25°C ~ 60°C grain oil, animal oil and vegetable oil, etc.
OR300 -25°C ~ 60°C mineral oil, heavy oil, anti rust oil, engine oil, animal oil, recycling process oil, etc.
OHR/FOER -25°C ~ 100°C Asphalt and coal, etc.