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We offer dependable, quality replacement dust collector bags at competitive prices. For accurate measurements for your replacement order simply pull out one of your currently installed filters to measure.
In addition to the most often asked for filter bags, We are proud to supply custom filter bags for your specific application. We’re here for you! Simply send us e-mail with your requirements and we’ll be glad to suggest the best product for your needs.

Filter Bag Dust Collector Systems Types

Bag type dust collecting systems generally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Pulse Jet or Plenum Pulse cleaning systems
  2. Shaker or Reverse Flow cleaning systems

ln Pulse Jet and Plenum Pulse systems, the dust is collected on the outside of the filter bag and the clean air exits through the inside of the bag. The bag is supported by a wire cage to prevent the bag from collapsing during operation.

In a 'Top Load' system, the bags and cages are installed from the clean air side of the cell plate while with 'Bottom Load' they are installed from the dirty air/hopper side of the unit.

Pulse- Jet Filter Bags

How they work?

Pulse-jet baghouses collect dust on the outside of the filter. Dust-laden gas floods the baghouse, and clean air exits through the inside of the bag while the dust particles collect on the outside filter surface. A support cage is used to prevent bag collapse during filtration and aids in the re-distribution and cleaning of the dustcake.  A wide variety of filter bags can be manufactured to meet specific application needs.

Shaker-Type Filter Bags

ln Shaker and Reverse-Air cleaning systems the dust is collected on the inside of the filter bag. Since the bag is inflated with the air/dust stream, support cages are not required. The filtered air exits through the outside surface of the bags. Many configurations are available to suit the needs of most dust collectors. Shaker and reverse air bag top and bottom designs vary by cleaning system and original equipment manufacturer.

Reverse Air or shaker (Bag top)

  1. Gromment Top
  2. Loop top
  3. Trap bags top
  4. Strap top
  5. Envelope style
  6. Cord top Cuffs
  7. Compression Band