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Filter press Cloth is an industry leader in developing custom filtration fabric for many different applications
Experienced Filtration Fabric Weaving and Construction
Whether your filtration process includes wastewater treatment, water supply, food processing, pharmaceutical processing, chemical processing, or pigment and coating processes, Warwick has the technology and experience needed to fulfill your filtration fabric needs. We have broad experience in processing synthetic fibers. We can match fiber types and yarn polymers best suited to your filtration requirements, including olefin, fluorocarbon, aramid, polyethylene, nylon, and polyester, among others.
Anti acid and weak alkali
Oxygenation resistant
High tensile strength
Moisture resistant
Easy to wash
Manufacturing Filter Press Pc. from Woven and Non-woven filter media.
Filter Press Pcs. for Wooden filter press, Cast iron filter press, PP filter press, Recess filter press, Membrane filter press etc.
For, Plate Size(Square): 18”x20”, 24”x 24”, 30”x 30”, 32”x 32”, 36”x 36”, 40”x 40”, 48”x 48” & 60”x 60” inches.
For, Plate Size (Round): 18” Dia , 24” Dia, 30” Dia, 32” Dia, 36” Dia.
standard filter presses
membrane filter presses
cartridge filters, electrophoresis, reverse osmosis
belt presses, vacuum belt filters, gravity belt filters,
candle filters, and bag filters