Ambient temperature curing, two component, high impact Epoxy crusher backing resin, easy pourability, height mechanical Properties.

Ambient temperature curing, two component, general purpose Epoxy crusher backing resin, easy pour ability, high strength.

Eli - Crush  is a two-part, ambient temperature curing, filler extended epoxy resin with good impact resistance and very low shrinkage.

Typical Properties

  • Easy pourability and good penetration even at lower temperatures. Minimal filler settlement in containers - easily mixable.
  • Fast reactivity and outstanding mechanical properties.
  • Good curing properties at lower temperatures.

Typical Applications And Uses

  • Typical applications include the lining of primary and secondary cone crushers.
  • Other applications : grinding mills, bonding, filling, fastening, grouting of holding
  • Bolts and mould making.
  • Kit sizes: 10kg (22lbs) and 20kg (44lbs)

Handling Properties

Eli-Crush FR866 shows no dermatitic properties and has a very low irritation potential at room temperature. It has low toxicity at ambient temperatures, however good industrial hygiene must be observed. See Precautions for use and Health Hazard Information.